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Free Medical Clinics Near You

by Rick Henderson

If you are looking for medical care without insurance, you should know that there are several government agencies that offer high-quality medical clinics for such circumstances. A medical clinic that offers medical care to individuals without insurance? How can that be? Well, the federal government cares about the citizens of this country and so they provide grants to certain clinics so that they can provide the medical care that people need. There are several different types of medical clinics which may be in your area, including but not limited to:

Urgent Care

An urgent care clinic is like the Emergency Room of a hospital, only for less life-threatening cases. If the physicians at an urgent care feel that your case needs more advanced interventions, they will transfer you via ambulance to the hospital. Government-sponsored urgent care clinics can be used for anything from broken bones to colds, though most people go to them only for more serious cases. If you are in need of medical care and you do not know where to go, you may want to start with an urgent care clinic. 

Health Departments

The health department in your area is a great place to go for vaccines and immunizations for your whole family. Most schools strongly encourage all children to be fully immunized by the time they reach kindergarten, and the health department is where you could go for that. Additionally, if you are a pregnant woman, you can get signed up for WIC services at your local health department. WIC, which stands for Women, Infants, and Children, is a special government-run program that helps to make sure that women, infants, and children have sufficient nutrition. They provide women with food vouchers so that they can get healthy food for themselves and their young children. 

Obstetrics and Gynecology

If you are pregnant, there are likely several obstetric and gynecology clinics in your area. Receiving regular prenatal care is essential to have a healthy baby, so there are many agencies that offer subsidized or free prenatal care. Instead of putting the life of your unborn child in jeopardy, make sure that you receive the maternal care that you need. 

In conclusion, no matter what type of medical care you are in need of, you should look for a government-run medical clinic near you. With such agencies at your disposal, you never need to go on without medical care. Get the help you need today.